Social Responsibility

Enterprise is more than just an economic entity; it is also an ethical one shouldering social responsibilities. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a corporate’s responsibility to make profits, bear the legal liability of shareholders, and safeguard the interests of employees, consumers, community and environment.

Contribute To Society

Since it was established in 2007, LONGi Solar has developed into a corporate with a staff of over 1,000. While constantly expanding its production capacity, it also actively contributes to the society.

Contribute To Society
Public Welfare & Charity
Public welfare & charity has been a long-term objective of LONGi Solar
Mission & Determination

LONGi Solar is committed to its rapid development and transformation, striving to provide the world’s leading mono-crystalline solar modules for consumers. Aiming to better serve the society, it has kept enhancing its sense of responsibility and cultivating itself into an excellent enterprise with a great conscience. More specifically, it takes the initiative to fulfill social responsibilities by carrying out public welfare-oriented undertakings. At present, LONGi Solar is mainly engaged in public benefit activities and charities associated with culture and education.

Mission & Determination

2016.12.06 Xian China

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